UIL Football State Championships

UIL Football State Championships
December 18, 2021 | 11:00 AM
UIL Football State Championships

The 2021 Football State Championships come to AT&T Stadium for four days, starting on Wednesday, December 15th. Tickets will go on sale in early November.


Tickets are on sale now at SeatGeek.com.


Wednesday, December 15
11:00 AM, 1A Six-Man Division I
2:00 PM, 1A Six-Man Division II
7:00 PM, 2A Division I

Thursday, December 16
11:00 AM, 2A Division II
3:00 PM, 3A Division I
7:00 PM, 3A Division II

Friday, December 17
11:00 AM, 4A Division I
3:00 PM, 4A Division II
7:00 PM, 5A Division I

Saturday, December 18
11:00 AM, 5A Division II
3:00 PM, 6A Division I
7:00 PM, 6A Division II