Daniel Buren

Pyramidal (2017)

Aluminum prisms, satin white acrylic paint (RAL 9003) Alucobond aluminum composite panels (mirror aspect), 8.7 cm wide black adhesive vinyl tape stripes, glue
102.76 x 188.39 x 11.99 inches

Located in Owner's Club, East Elevator lobby

Daniel Buren has built a career on questioning the purpose and meaning of art. Whether challenging its preciousness through his use of industrial materials or disrupting traditional gallery presentation through his public installations, this legendary French conceptualist pushes boundaries with precision and elegance.

If anyone can stake a claim of ownership over the stripe, it would be Daniel Buren. In 1965, he began incorporating stripes into his conceptual investigations of painting. Buren has since emblazoned stripes on canvas, stained glass, and fluttering flags, on staircases, columns, archways and facades. His two-part commission at AT&T Stadium, Unexpected Variable Configurations: A and B, features striped aluminum tiles interspersed throughout a grid of yellow. In addition to the stripe, Buren uses the circle, square, and triangle as building blocks of his elemental art practice. Pyramidial, haut-relief, travail in situ—A4 is a meditation on the timeless form of the pyramid, the monumental triangle. This inverted pyramid is built of a series of mirrored prisms, reflective on their face and striped on their sides; the effect is disorienting and engrossing. The sculpture is distinctly site specific as it draws its surroundings into its very surface, the world collapsing inside the mirrored triangles.

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