Tours FAQs

Are tour locations guaranteed?

No. All tour dates, times and tour stops are subject to change without notice due to events in the stadium.

Can I take videos during the tour?

While we allow still photography, no video recorders are allowed on the tour.

Are there any purse or bag restrictions?

Purses and bags will be allowed on the tour, but will be subject to a search before entering the building.

Are there any camera restrictions?

Cameras are allowed inside the stadium, but lenses must not exceed 3 inches.

How long does a guided tour typically last?

The Guided Tours will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Are tours ADA compatible?

Absolutely. Please notify your tour guide or stadium greeter if we can assist you with any accommodation requests. A limited number of wheelchairs are available in the lobby, free of charge.

Do you offer tours in other languages?

Yes. We offer Spanish and American Sign Language tours upon request. Availability is not guaranteed. Please call 817-892-TOUR to arrange for an interpreter to accompany your tour.

Do you offer group tours?

Yes. Group tours must be booked at least one week in advance. Please call 817-892-TOUR to book your group tour today.

Are outside food and beverages allowed in the stadium?

No, but we do allow bottled water. Concessions are available on most days.